Living a year with the COVID-19 pandemic

COVIDiSTRESS is a research project aimed at understanding people’s experiences and how they have coped during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is crucial to get information from as many countries as possible to understand how different strategies and pandemic responses have affected people’s lives. Our focus is on wellbeing, and the results from the project can help develop more efficient responses to future pandemics.

Data collection has ended.

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Survey in specific languages

A: Afrikaans, Albanian (Shqip), Arabic (العربية)

B: Bosnian (Bosanski), Bulgarian (Български)

C: Chinese – simplified (简体中文), Chinese – Traditional / Taiwan (繁體中文), Czech (Čeština)

D: Danish (Dansk), Dari (دری), Dutch (Nederlands)

E: English/American, Estonian (Esti)

F: Farsi / Persian (فارسی), Finnish (Suomi), French (Français)

G: German (Deutsch), Greek (Ελληνικά)

H: Hindi (हिन्दी)

I: Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia), Italian (Italiano)

J: Japanese (日本語)

K: Korean (한국어)

M: Montenegrin (Crnogorski)

N: Nepali (नेपाली ), Norwegian (Norsk)

P: Polish (Polski), Portugese (Português), Portugese-Brasilian (Português Brasileiro)

R: Russian (Русский) 

S: Serbian (Srpski),  Sinhala (සිංහල), Slovak (Slovenčina), Spanish – EU (Español), Spanish – Bolivia (Español boliviano), Spanish – Colombia (Español colombiano), Spanish – Costa Rica (Español costarricense), Spanish – Ecuador (Español ecuatoriano), Spanish – Guatemala (Español guatemalteco), Spanish – Honduras (Español hondureño), Spanish – Mexico (Español mexicano), Spanish – Uruguay (Español uruguayo), Swahili – Kenya (Kiswahili),  Swedish (Svenska) 

T: Tamil (தமிழ்), Turkish (Türkçe)

U: Ukrainian (Українська), Urdu (اردو)

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Principal Researcher:
Dr Sara Vestergren

Keele University
Staffordshire, UK